Which super star you are eager to see in FIFA 18(A)

2017-06-16 15:49

With EA released their latest issue of the gamer trailers, soccer players from all over the world are becoming more and more enthusiastic about the upcoming FIFA 18.

Despite the defending champions Cristiano Ronaldo accounted for FIFA 18 (standard Edition) the latest cover, but the Real Madrid player is not the only superstar in the new gamer. In fact, he is not even the only Ronaldo.

Because EA sports also publishes another Brazil legendary striker Ronaldo cover version ( FIFA 18 Idol Edition), dressed in traditional white jerseys alien smiles and put his signature move of shaking index finger to celebrate.

Just imaging, in game you control Ronaldo Luis, ultimate team’s top, tear opponents’ defense line, which drives fans crazy and exciting, I know many fans even can’t wait to buy it.

Now you need to pay attention to that idol player will replace the original legend in FIFA 18, and more importantly, you will get the same experience on the both PS4 and XBOX.

To be sure, PS4 users are easier to get the chance to use idol players, and the ultimate team will reach a new height in the next year. So, the question is what legendary players will fight with Ronaldo in game?

Assuming that existing FIFA legendary stars Pele, Beckenbauer and George Best, all of them will be the idol stars in FIFA 18. Then there is who is likely to appear in the new list?


Potential capacity value: 92
Well, if you are going to have Ronaldo, then you should also make him become your member, right? Last century, Brazil classical R&R strikers line make every defender tremble, and the older one is wild and personalized full Brazil wolf.

During his occupation career, Romario was known as less training, besides the field, he seldom gave all sweat and hard work, but once he step into stadium, he would burst out amazing energy, with a dominating indifferent goal.

If Ronaldo with is partner Romario and Neymar, the forward line is make up of them, how a terrible and forceful line!