Bonus Coins

Available on April 5th

TOTS Bonus Are Waiting For You!

Big sales again! What’s for? The TOTS is right on the way. To make an easy and efficiency way for our customers to enjoy the big time, more cheap and safe FIFA coins are ready to serve. During the TOTS, you can enjoin the service of:

1. Discounted TOTS Packs
During the TOTS time, there will be many TOTS packs available on our site. If opening these packs, you may have chances to get TOTS players from the packs. And there will be 3 random packs 15% off on every 2 days.
Available Console: PS4, XBOX ONE
Available Time: 09:00:00, 05.07 - 09:00:00, 05.31, 2019, UK

2. Up To 10% Bonus Coins.
Order coins amount among 100K – 499K, every 100K can enjoy 6% bonus FIFA coins,
Order coins amount among 500K – 999K, every 100K can enjoy 8% bonus FIFA coins,
Order coins amount above 1000K, every 100K can enjoy 10% bonus FIFA coins.

3. Extra Lucky Wheel Chances
At the same time when you enjoy up to 10% bonus, you can also enjoy an extra lucky wheel chances, every 100K can get 1 chance.
3K Coins
4.5 Coins
6K Coins
Free 10K Pack x1
Free 30K Pack x1
Free 100K Pack x1
300K Coins
Free 1500K Pack x1
Note: The gifts you get from the wheel will be automatically sent to you: Coins will be added to your account balance directly; Free Pack voucher will be sent to your “Member Center” – “Packs” – “Free Pack”.

Available Console: PS4, XBOX ONE
Available Time: 09:00:00, 05.10 - 09:00:00, 05.31, 2019, UK

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